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Jess Rintoul firefighter UKFRS

Thanks for everything you’re doing with the podcast and making such a bank of knowledge we can all learn and develop our skills from … I’m constantly bugging my watch with random nuggets from the podcast!!

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Dominic Norcross, Welsh Firefighter & Organiser of the Welsh Firefighter Challenge 

Hi Pete just what to say thanks its so rare to have something like this for firefighters, it's entertaining, informative and always a great listen with such a range of subjects. It was an absolute pleasure working with you on our podcast for the Welsh Challenge and reached so many more people than we could. Thanks again

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Kai Weaver - Firefighter UKFRS

Started listening to the podcast after meeting Pete at the BFC 2021. His genuine passion for the show and his guests makes it even more enjoyable to listen too. Definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the fire and rescue service

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Dave Sayce - Wholetime & Retained Firefighter UK

Really enjoy listening to the podcast. I enjoy listening to other peoples experiences within the job and how it proves that there is still a passion for career within the fire service. It helps to keep my personal motivation up to strive for more. Keep up the good work!


Jonny Garrett - CEO William Wood Watches

"Brilliant podcast! Love what you are looking to achieve and the content you push out. Thank you for having me on the show, I love it and hope to be on again in the future. Keep it up!"

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Dave Mason - Soldier, Police officer, Firefighter

"Insightful & real discussions from emergency service personnel on the home front and internationally. With a mecca of listening options out there, The Firefighters Podcast should definitely be at the top of your listening list. Keep up the awesome work!"

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Jessey Wooding - Firefighter & Red cross support worker

"Amazing guy with an amazing podcast thank you for having me as a guest!"

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Dstew12 - Apple podcast review

"Amazing podcast!

Best fire & emergency services podcast out there!

Great conversations, guests and insight into an incredibly important part of our communities, domestic and internationally."

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Dean Keeber - Firefighter

"A must listen for anyone with an interest in the emergency services especially the fire service. Great content every single week and something to really look forward too. Keep up the great work guys!"

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Alex Johnson - Chief FIre Officer UKFRS

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast episodes. They are really insightful, honest, and engaging. I'v learnt a lot from them."

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John MacDonald - Watch Commander, Fire Behaviour Instructor, Retired Military

"These podcasts open your eyes to the issues, journeys and solutions to challenging situations people have faced from the emergency services family and beyond. Listen to the enlightening, inspirational and sometimes humbling tales from the most diverse group of people. Whatever your story or background, there is something for everyone here. Pin back your ears and be prepared to broaden your mind."

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Mj05279 - Apple podcast review

"Great stories from real people past and present in the emergency services! The host has a positive energy that feeds into everyone he speaks to! Keep up the great work bro !"

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Matt Akers - Career Firefighter. New Zealand

"A podcast about the global emergency service and 1st responders, with interesting guest and subjects that as an emergency service worker, you want to listen to. Highly recommend this podcast to all 1st responders, both domestically and internationally.

A rising tide lifts all boats."

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Saoirse 74

"Top quality

If you’re in the Fire and rescue service or contemplating joining then I highly recommend this podcast.

The host is an intelligent bloke that doesn’t beat around the bush and his positive mindset is inspirational.

He’s interviewed some really interesting guests and I’ve learned a lot from listening to these over the past few weeks.

Have a listen you won’t regret it."

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Martin Cross

"I'm binge listening to the firefighters podcast since finding it.  Its awesome thank you.  It covers so many deep issues and has had me through every emotions.


I've worked in emergency services since 2000 and I've recently changed roles and started as Paramedic/Firefighter/Technical Rescue.

Listening to your podcasts has brought back so fantastic memories and also put me back into a positive mind set about past achievements and future personal development." 

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Dirk Stewart - Fire recruit 2021 

"thanks for putting out such helpful and amazing content on the fire & rescue and emergency services.


I found your podcast in late 2020 as I prepared to apply in 2021 for the Whole Time Firefighter role at Avon Fire & Rescue Service. 

I scoured through almost every episode listening and noting important information on the application process but also learning so much more about the role I was applying for. 


I am happy to tell you that I have received my offer and am getting ready to start training in January.


Many thanks again and keep up the great work."

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Gary DevStation Manager SYFRS

"As a podcaster and firefighter myself I felt that there was a gap in the market for a podcast looking into the world of the UK fire service. 

That gap is now filled with this excellent podcast." 

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Nick Simms

"The fire fighters podcast is a Hard hitting, no subject unturned, full of facts and Entertainment. Great guests that openly talk about their life in the fire service or things to do with the fire service, A must listen weather or not you in the fire service, also the main man himself Pete Wakefield is a great host and talks opening and honestly about his life and Career in the fire service."

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Crew manager Ryan cook

Cheshire frs, Cheshire firefighter challenge Co-organiser

"I have had the fortunate opportunity to have been on the podcast and listen to the podcast. We are all part of a culture and service that actively promotes development and the podcast is a international platform that allows us to listen to people from all walks of life share their own experiences and learning so that we can all become better than we were yesterday. There’s no bull it’s just amazing regular people talking about everything from technical aspects of firefighting to general life. I’d recommend anyone gives it a listen.."

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Neil GriffithsStrategic EnablerWest Midlands Fire Service

"Really contemporary approach, bucketful of passion, great storytelling. Love being a guest and a listener. This podcast is ticked at the top of my favourites list" 

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"I love listening to the Podcast because it gives you great insight to what all services and brigades are doing and all aspect of the fire services.

  You can support colleagues and the projects they run"

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Matt CouthardGibraltar Firefighter

"No stone left unturned, discussions from the real people of the essential services…

Brought to you by a guy that epitomises what it means to form part of the Firefighter brotherhood…

As a fellow firefighter I am honoured to have been part of this amazing podcast."

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Dan UK Firefighter

“As a newbie to podcasts, The Firefighters Podcast really have me hooked. Exploring the truths & myths behind the scenes of firefighting with some leading experts is truly addictive. A must listen" 

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Callum FaintChief Fire OfficerLeicestershire Fire & Rescue

"I enjoy the podcast immensely and find the variety of guest a refreshing and useful insight in the differences and similarities of the Fire family across the globe. I love the honesty and upbeat nature of it and look forward to the release of each episode. " 

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Ross Neethling soldier turned veterinarian

"Thought provoking and engaging discussions around a colourful spectrum of interesting guests and topics" 

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Chris Sellick UK

Wholetime Firefighter

USAR Technician

Retained Firefighter

"I’ve been enjoying the Firefighter Podcast for quite some time now and have listened to many episodes. 


I’ve been in the Fire service coming up to 11 years and it took me many years to get in. If The Firefighters podcast was around when I was applying all over the UK it would have been a great help to me, so I would recommend it to anyone looking to join the Emergency Services.


The variety of guests Pete has on the show is excellent and has helped me understand and learn about different departments and services all over the world.


A recent Life and Leadership episode with Jimmy Johnson really captured the work ethics and mindset of an exemplary human and career Firefighter setting a great standard for me to aspire to. #095


Keep up the great work Pete and I look forward to listening to more episodes" 

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Jim Moss

Fire Captain 

Author - Firefighter Success & Firefighter Functional Fitness

“The Firefighters Podcast is a great source of knowledge for firefighters and also non-firefighters who want to be their best. I love the variety of guests and perspectives that the show offers. Whether it is training, leadership, wellness or success stories, it is an invaluable resource for those who want to improve themselves" 

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AJ Whitaker

Wellness and Behaviour Change Coach. The Fire Fighters Charity.

"Honest, genuine conversations with real people from the emergency fire family and community . 

Engaging insightful content, Pete brings an infectious and enthusiastic curiosity to each episode. 

We are all included in the conversation gaining a lot of information and understanding from listening. 

I am hooked, looking forward to each new episode. " 

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Dan Goymer 

Comercial Builder & Retained Firefighter - Christchurch

"The Firefighters Podcast is inspirational, educational and entertaining.


Pete is a fantastic host with great energy. He has some amazing guests who have awe-inspiring stories.


Hearing the stories and views from the guests on the Firefighters Podcast gave me the drive and the confidence to join the Fire Service."

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Matt Firefighter UKFRS

"Doesn't matter if you're 30 years in or looking to join the service, it's fantastic to hear honest conversations from real people. Creates the best platform to improve you're knowledge and understanding of the emergency service sector from all over the world."

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James at Stoke & Vent

UK Firefighter

"One of the best podcasts out there and a personal favourite of mine. Pete has a refreshing perspective on both the emergency services and life in general, and an infectious enthusiasm for both that is sure to rub off on you.

The conversations between Pete and his many guests are insightful and will inspire you, as well as enrich your own perspective on a whole host of areas. It was a pleasure to be a guest on this show and I am glad to now call Pete a friend."

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Alex Kay Uk Firefighter

The podcast is a brilliant way to remain informed on different fire services around the world. It is an amazing way for people who want to be firefighters to learn about how the service operates

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Brandon Robb, Owner of HEROIC Athletics

"Pete is an outstanding guy and his Firefighters Podcast is definitly worth a listen. Pete takes a very holistic approach to arming his fellow Firefighters with resources, tools and information to empower their lives as front line warriors. If you are interested in the fire service, work in the fire service, or want to learn more about the many aspects on what it takes to be a firefighter, then Pete's podcast is for you."

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WALLACE Firefighter

“Creative, energetic, and original! The firefighter's podcast is a must. From Rookie to Cheif, there’s content that you can relate to. If you love the job and want to be in the know, start listening now!”

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James McCall - Firefighter UKFRS

"First and foremost I listen because your someone who I class as a friend and I want to support you the best way I can.


Content wise I love the smokey stories from the old hands who give nuggets of info that I like to take away and implement into what I do."

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Alex Deveroux - UK manager food industry

I am passionate about people and about leadership and There are some fantastic examples of great people leadership in the emergency services and the FFPC gives a key insight in to practices that apply to wider business

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Scott Flemming Wholetime FF UKFRS (since review first came)

I found the podcast about a month ago, when I was training for my fitness and PSTs, and it's been a really enjoyable listen so far. I passed everything last week, on my 1st time of applying, and am now waiting on an interview date. I find the podcast really fascinating and informative thanks for doing all this Pete

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Steph Walker - Crew Manager south Yorkshire

I think the podcast is fab not just from a work point of view but hearing you talk about your previous addiction etc makes me feel inspired.


I've had some struggles in my life and hearing your success and positivity is refreshing. I love it mate, really do.


Your passion really comes through and I can only imagine the hard work that goes into the podcast so the thanks is truly from the bottom of my hear

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Conor Mclean - Professional firefighter UKFRS

I started listening to the firefighters podcast a year ago, discovering it when I began preparing to start training as a Firefighter. The episodes I listened to then gave me an keen insight into the job. And now as a Full time Firefighter I’ve gained knowledge of different practices from around the world as well as an appreciation for other services and the jobs they do. Can’t get enough of it, and I’m excited to see what future guests will share their stories.

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Ash - UK AID worker

Morning Pete, just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the pod. It's been instrumental in my research and decision making to change careers and pursue the fire service! The recent episodes with John Chubb and UKISAR were phenomenal!! Listening to the pod on the way in and way home kept my eyes on the prize during some tough times recently. Thanks for all you do again mate, look after yourself and your loved ones. Ash


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